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Summer VS Anna

A place for the debate to rage!

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This community is first and foremost for fun.

There are too many people out there who become obsessed with things, such as The O.C., and then end up on a war path campaigning to protect those aspects of it they love. The obsession is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all. Thus, this community was created to once again emphasize that!

Summer lovers? Anna lovers? Let's hear what you have to say!

Just some basic ground rules -
1. This is a joke, don't take it seriously.
2. No personal attacks.
3. There's a fine line between fun and civil, don't cross it.
4. Have fun. Because whether you're a fan of Summer or Anna (or both!?), we're all fans of The O.C. here.

Big thanks also go out to sydne_bristow who designed our community icon(s) for us! She also has an icon journal that you can check out - icon_temptation. Amazing work by a very kind and generous person!